Santa came early?

Santa is due in Lake Sarasota on the firetruck on Sunday, Dec. 20th, between 2 and 4 pm. (See the map here).

But our neighborhood has been treated to a Christmas gift already.

Last week Ray and Connie Bresciani and some of their grown children and growing grandchildren spruced up the front entrances, laying down 40 bags of mulch, doing some weeding, and even thoughtfully added wreathes for a nice seasonal touch.

Thanks Ray and Connie and all you Brescianis! Not just for this gesture, but for the time, thought, sweat and care you have put into many projects in Lake Sarasota. We're fortunate to have quite a few residents who pitched in to help build Hina Point Park, pick up trash on Mauna Loa and to do a really thorough clean-up of Lakeview Park, among other projects -- all that great help is gratefully acknowledged. Not all are aware that if it were not for Ray and Connie, some of these projects would not have gotten done -- some they initiated, others were shaped and enhanced by their contributions, others they just showed up and did the hard work - providing food and organization for the Lakeview Cleanup, materials and plans for Hina Park, ideas and help for the canals in Lakeview Park.

In tough years like the one we've had, many of us feel pressed, and little able to spare thought, let alone time and energy, for things outside our immediate and urgent needs. Thanks to Ray and Connie, and to everyone who found it possible to pitch in this year to make Lake Sarasota a better place.


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