Community Garage Sale Nov. 20th

A message from Sandy:

Hello everyone!

It's that time of year again...Garage Sale time!  The next community garage sale will be Saturday 11/20.  Please email me to be included in the garage sale map our volunteers hand out.  Please..please..please..if you intend to have a garage sale, let me know and don't just think..o..I'll just put a sign out the day of the sale.  Last time, only about 1/4 of you were on the map and that hinders how many people we can bring into the neighborhood ( much money you all make).  It's much more impressive to advertise we have 100 garage sales going on that day than it is to say we have only 20.  Again, we are asking for a small donation to cover our advertising costs.  If you can contribute, please do.

Contact Sandy to get on the map:


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