New Rules for Dogs at Lakeview

As of this morning, the County is enforcing the leash law at Lakeview. Notices with an explanation have been posted - here's a copy:


Due to recent incidents involving unrestrained dogs, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control will be enforcing the leash law outside of the paw park fenced area. Per County ordinance, the only area where dogs are allowed to be off-leash is within the paw park fenced area.

Please keep your dog on a 6-foot leash when outside of the paw park fenced area. There is a “first offense” fine associated with Sheriff’s Department enforcement if your dog is off leash in the park outside of the fenced paw park area.

When maintenance work results in closing an area within the paw park, sign(s) explaining the closure will be posted. (This was the case for the tree work that was recently completed.)

Park visitors have been asking about the dog incidents that have occurred at the park. One County maintenance employee was cornered by a dog running loose outside of the paw park area. The employee was able to fend off the dog with a rake. The owner called the dog into his car and immediately left the area. A separate incident involved 5 dogs that were off leash (outside of the fenced paw park area). A third incident occurred within the paw park area. A County maintenance employee was bitten and required medical care. After the incident, a couple left quickly with the dog.

Dog owners must comply with the County ordinances (keep their animals under control at all times and on leash outside of the fenced paw park area). Otherwise, dog owners will be subject to fines and dogs will no longer be allowed within the park outside of the paw park fenced area.

Thank you for helping us to provide responsible dog owners with a place to bring their dogs.

March, 2011


Anonymous said…
Too many times I find dog waste left on the ground outside of our Paw Park, and sometimes even dog waste bagged and left sitting on the ground (careless).

I read into the Sarasota County law about pets on leash - the same fine is extended for not collecting and discarding (properly) pet waste.

$60 fine (county)
$105 fine (city)

Thanks - use common sense!

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