Bicycling and Bee Ridge Road Improvements

Sarasota County wants your input on what's most important in planning new bicycle paths, new pedestrian walkways, and intersections that involve vehicular traffic. Click here to go to the county's website where you can find out more, or click the button to take the survey. The survey contains a place where you can mention special concerns or priorities.

While doing the survey, it might be useful to keep in mind that Bee Ridge Rd. east of I-75 is currently on the county's plans for road widening and improvements. In fact a county commission vote this Tuesday, July 26, 2011, is about the planning and design phase of the project. If all goes well, Bee Ridge Road construction is still slated to begin in 2013. It is our understanding that the project is designed to allow two lanes to be open at all times. Click here for more about the plans, which currently call for bike paths. A wider Bee Ridge Rd. with safe bicycle paths will enable residents of all Bee Ridge Rd. Communities east of I-75 to ride safely to Rothenbach Park, one of the nicest places to bicycle in the county.

Detailed Sarasota Trails Map - each small box can be opened to display bicycle and walking trails in that specific area.


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