Sheriff Operation results in 62 Arrests

This Sheriff's announcement about metal thieves and burglers, while not specifically about Lake Sarasota or east county, might be of interest nonetheless

Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight today announced the results of “Operation Meltdown,” a two-week intensive effort to crack down on metal thefts and burglaries – a significant part of the total crime in Sarasota County.

The effort focused on two primary crime patterns: the theft of large amounts of metals from air conditioners, light poles, home siding and more, that are taken to secondary recyclers in exchange for cash; and daytime burglaries where suspects break into homes and steal jewelry and items to be sold to either pawn shops or gold buyers. Operation Meltdown resulted in the following results: More here..

Note the advice:

Practices like locking car doors, setting alarm systems and etching identifying characters on items that are a prime target for metal thieves and burglars can help minimize burglaries and thefts, and help detectives solve criminal cases.


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