Crime in Lake Sarasota: Early and Auto

Here's the latest data from the Sheriff, with Ted's analysis of an interesting pattern:

Here's the Feb. 2012 Crime Report for Lake Sarasota:
Note that I'm using a different format to highlight the concentration of activity on the First of the month.
                             Time Reported                   Location

Wed. Feb. 1  
                                    12:41 a.m.                6738 Brentford Rd.
                                      1:51 a.m.                6714 Brentford Rd.
                                      9:47 a.m.                6918 Jarvis Rd.
                                      9:52 a.m.                4032 Westminster Dr.
                                      1:38 p.m.                6824 Jarvis Rd.
                                                (all thefts, auto)

Thurs, Feb. 2
                                    9:29 a.m.                  6908 Tema Ln.        (auto)
Wed. Feb. 15
                                    8:29 a.m.                   3949 Palau Dr.       (auto)

Sat. Feb. 18                  1:12 p.m.                    3963 Vana Dr.       (bldg)

Wed. Feb. 22               2:20 p.m.                    4163 Waikiki Dr.    (auto)


Thurs. Feb. 9               7:19 p.m.                    6624 Brentford Rd.
Mon. Feb. 20               7:58 p.m.                    3989 Hina Dr.

TOTAL INCIDENTS:  11  (9 Thefts, 2 Burglaries).  No reported Vandalism or Juvenile Disturbances.

REMARKS:  Criminal activity is concentrated the first days of the month, as was the case in December and January.  Thefts reported early in the morning hours indicate time of discovery, usually after sunrise or start of daily activities.  The reporting times of the two incidents on Brentford Rd. seem to indicate that the thefts are occurring under cover of darkness, probably around midnight, and may have been discovered by homeowners retiring late and checking the property before retiring.  Others won't discover the thefts until daylight hours when leaving for work or errands.  The thefts on Brentford and Westminster may have been committed in sequence by the same person as evidenced by the proximity of the crime locations.  Most thefts are from autos, emphasizing the importance of securing the vehicle in a locked garage, or (if outside) locking the car and setting the alarm.   Most incidents occurred in the north central portion of Lake Sarasota, except for two incidents on Jarvis Rd. and one on Waikiki.

It appears that Citizens Patrols would be valuable deterrents if they were conducted the last days of the month carrying into the first days of the next.  Patrol times should straddle the midnight hour.

Ted Cover, Citizens Patrol
Lake Sarasota Community Group  


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