General Meeting Notes for March 8 2012

A quick summary of the March 8, 2012 meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group (LSCG):

1. A large image-map of the Bee Ridge Road Widening and some other literature was available for viewing and discussion. The history of the project, its rationale and the general conceptual outline was presented by Joe O'Hara, founder of the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee, which has been in dialogue with Sarasota County about this road widening project since 2003.

A summary of the impacts on Lake Sarasota can be read here. An overview of the project as a whole is here. 
The general sense was that the project should raise property values and accommodate growth with added values of safety for pedestrians and motorists, and desirable amenities including meandering sidewalks and bio-swales. There is still some fiscal uncertainty about whether the project will begin as planned in 2013. 
A second open community meeting organized by the county at the point when plans are 60% complete is probably going to be held this coming June. Stay tuned for more when we know it. This will be an important opportunity to voice your opinion and to make sure that the plans are developing according to the Low Impact Model that was approved by the County Commission in 2009.

2. LSCG has been approached by Sarasota County with a plan to replant the Mauna Loa medians and to put them on a watering schedule, all covered by county funding. We have Debbie Marks of Neighborhood Services to thank for this gracious and generous offer, which our group accepted at the meeting.

Hina Pocket Park
3. A work day is planned for the pocket park at Hina and Palau on Saturday, March 31.
The park has suffered the ravages of time, and the plan is to meet at 8 a.m. that Saturday and to replace the termite-eaten wood and do some other clean-up jobs. All are welcome to participate, we anticipate no more than a morning's work.

It is possible that the funds for the new wood will come from our existing grant from Sarasota County - that's being looked into.


4. Ted provided the list of crimes in Lake Sarasota that were reported to the Sheriff in February. His full report with analysis is here.

5. The Group voted to renew our corporate status with the State ($138), and elected a new slate of officers for the year
  • Sandy Allen, President
  • Tisha Farrington, Beautification Chair
  • Ellie Himes, Treasurer
  • Lewin Edwards, Secretary.
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14.

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