Crime down in Lake Sarasota for June

Here's the latest Sheriff's data on Lake Sarasota from Ted:

Incidents of crime in Lake Sarasota continue to drop. In June there were only six incidents: one burglary and five thefts. There were no instances of vandalism or juvenile disturbances. Three thefts occurred in the beginning of the month (June 2 to 7), one incident each on the 14th and 19th, and one on the 28th. Streets involved were Jarvis Rd., Timor Pl., Ponea Dr., Lanai Dr., and Hina Dr. 
It appears that several arrests earlier in the year are a factor in the reduced number of crime incidents, and one or two perpetrators were responsible for multiple crimes. Also, it appears that citizen involvement was a factor in at least one arrest. A block watch program combined with occasional patrols may offer more of a deterrent than patrols alone. 
This is no time to be complacent, however. Criminal activity can occur at any time. Simple security measures such as locking cars left outside, closing garage doors, and locking our doors are still needed. A home security system is a wise investment and if installed should be used.


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