Update on Signs and Meetings

Several Lake Sarasota residents met with county road managers and zoning and real estate specialists Tuesday to discuss the design, placement, costs, and maintenance of new Mauna Loa entrance signs.

The meeting was preliminary. In outline, Lake Sarasota folks indicated that the community would be agreeable to the removal of old walls and signage at Westminster and possibly at Wake (the wall there is apparently on a private easement), if some signage can be placed either at the Aberdeen Roundabout, or at the eastern end of Lake Sarasota to inform drivers coming from the East that they within the precincts of the Lake Sarasota community.

Those present from the County agreed in principal to pay for a monument-style sign at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge Road, so long as Lake Sarasota assumes responsibility for maintenance of it, and to explore what kind of signage might be suitable, and where, for those approaching from the East.

Details all remain to be worked out as the planning for the widening of Bee Ridge reaches the final stages. We might wish to consider what sort of design will meet the ends of:
1. Style (stone, wrought iron, etc.)
2. Ease of Maintenance (i.e., little or no vegetation)
3. Protective curbing - (to keep the sign free of damage from cars, etc.)
Lake Sarasota reps shared images of signs that the community seems to feel would be worth considering. We noted that currently the preference is for a sign something like this:

The county folks agreed to do some research, look at costs and see what's possible. They indicated they'll come back with options, and said they would agree to meet either with representatives, or to come to a general meeting if people so wished.

Lake Sarasota also noted concerns about the super-sized RaceTrac and proposal to expand commercial development opposite the Mauna Loa entrance. Depending on what sort of approvals the developers receive, we noted that we might wish to look for richer buffering on our side of the road to screen noise, glare, etc.

At the time we meet to choose a sign design, it might also be appropriate to look at plans for the buffering along Lake Sarasota on Bee Ridge. The road managers said any vegetation along Bee Ridge would have its own drip irrigation. They also indicated a desire to vary the sorts of fencing or buffer, rather than have long monotonous stretches of the same thing.

No meetings are scheduled at this time. When the county road managers are ready to discuss signs and landscaping in detail, it will be announced via email and the blog.

We have had no further word regarding a "Neighborhood Workshop" about the Terracap proposal to expand commerce at Bee Ridge and North Mauna Loa. As soon as we hear anything, we'll be posting it and emailing. To get on the email list, send a note to lakesarasota@gmail.com

Happy Holidays.


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