Notes from LSCG Meeting of 3.14.13

Quick notes from the March 14, 2013 LSCG meeting:

16 attending.

1. Treasury currently has $439.20. Minor expenses approved for copying documents, and for renewing the 501(c)4, and for joining CONA ($35).

2. A slate of officers was nominated to be the board for the new year beginning at the time the corporate status is renewed, in May.

3. We continue to work with the County on a style of sign and placement for Lake Sarasota after Bee Ridge is widened. Several styles are being considered by the County, which can be seen here. Those in attendance expressed a preference for the "Silver Lake" sign.

4. The group voted unanimously to join CONA Sarasota.

5. A meeting with the County is being scheduled to discuss the traffic impacts of a planned Racetrac. Racetrac says it is considering pausing its construction due to the Bee Ridge road widening.

6. A meeting with Zoning will be considered to express our community's wishes regarding CN zoning stipulations on the TerraCap property, if and when that rezoning petition moves forward. The group also plans to follow the petition as it moves through the approval process. It has not as of this writing been formally filed, as far as we know.

7. Ted provided a detailed report on all reported criminal incidents in 2012.
  • 103 incidents reported -
  • 27 burglaries
  • 55 thefts (auto and building) 
  • 21 acts of vandalism
  • The busiest crime days were on average the first, second, and 23rd of the month.
The full report can be seen here.

8. Sandy reported that real estate here is booming. Few houses for sale, fewer being rented than in the past.
$100 per square foot had been the norm, now it's up to $120-130, she said, and has moved up rapidly. She is seeing a lot of buyers from out of state, and new families moving in. Prices are still half of where they were before the market collapsed. She is seeing folks from the North buying now although they won't be retiring for several years. They are getting in while the market is still relatively low. Currently housing inventory is around 5 months.

9. The group will explore a relationship with a company that designs carts for recycling bins. If purchasers mention our neighborhood, the group could earn a little cash. More on this to come.

10. The county will hold an open house at Twin Lakes Park about the 2050 Plan, which charts future development East of I-75. Very informative if you can get there next Wed. between 5:30 and 7:30.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Thursday June 13, 7 pm. The group will call a special meeting if warranted.

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