TerraCap: Acceptable Businesses Under CN Zoning

The next regular meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group is Thursday, March 14th, 7 pm, Sarasota Alliance Church offices (behind the church).

It has been suggested that we in Lake Sarasota identify what we consider as "acceptable kinds of businesses" for the TerraCap development.

Why? Because if TerraCap's petition to rezone to CN is approved, a lot of what is now supposed to be medical use can become any of a wide variety of other uses, in some cases needing no approval from the county or the neighboring communities.

TerraCap at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge Rd.

Sandy has compiled a very good comparison of potential uses in PCD zoning (the current designation), and those in CN (the designation TerraCap is seeking). (More here.)

In general, PCD is much broader - e.g., light industrial uses are permitted, so are loud activities such as shooting ranges -- which are not allowed under CN. CN also requires more buffering and landscaping. Gluttons for punishment can refer to the entire zoning code here.

The tricky part is, with PCD, the developer must file a plan with a binding concept - i.e., if he says a parcel is for a coffee shop, it must become a coffee shop. Under CN, a space can be labeled "Coffee Shop" and, if they can't find a suitable client,  end up as a bar. CN allows developers more flexibility within a narrower range of options.

What can we do? Tell the County we will accept the CN Rezoning if and only if TerraCap stipulates to a set of potential business types that we, as a community, agree are acceptable to Lake Sarasota.

The list we submit should have 10 or 12 business types. Here are the uses under PCD vs CN - one is a table, the other is a text version, both should have the same data, just arranged differently:

PCD vs CN - Text Version

PCD vs CN (both marked in yellow) - Chart Version

The meeting on the 14th will be an opportunity to discuss and to vote on a final list that we can use as the TerraCap rezoning process goes forward.


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