Crime Report for March 2013

Ted sent this report:

Here is the synopsis of the Sheriff's Dept. report for March. 
There were a total of seven incidents as follows: 
  1. Vandalism: 4006 Hina Dr. (3/18, 7:19 p.m.) (Monday)
  2. 7316 Mauna Loa Dr. (3/24, 2:17 p.m.) (Sunday)
  3. Burglary: 6254 Kahana Dr. (3/8, 11:43 a.m.) (Friday)
  4. 7051 Jarvis Rd. (3/22, 11:58 a.m.) (Friday)
  5. Theft (all auto): 3967 Eton Pl. (3/1, 7:10 p.m.) (Friday)
  6. 4117 Lancaster Dr. (3/26, 8:30 a.m.) (Tuesday)
  7. 4117 Lancaster Dr. (3/27, 3:20 p.m.) (Wednesday)
Analysis: Six incidents occurred in the east section of Lake Sarasota, centering on Middlesex Pl. One incident occurred in the west section, on Kahana Dr. 
This coincides with previous incidents over past years--most incidents occur in a east central "corridor." Also, the pattern of dates holds--most incidents occur in the first week or last week of the month. Times reported also fit the pattern experienced over the past several years--noon to 9 p.m. Three incidents occurred on a Friday. The other four were during the beginning of the week.

I still believe that thefts, particularly thefts from autos and garages, are preventable. We need to keep reminding our residents to keep their cars and trucks locked, valuables out of sight, and to keep garage doors lowered when no one will be present in the front yard.


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