Bee Ridge Widening Update

Status report on Bee Ridge Road project

An update on several aspects of the Bee Ridge Road Project from the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee:

This article is being written on 1/11/2014 and only reflects information available at that time.

Current work Projects

Recently, “Start work 1/8/2014” signs went up on Bee Ridge. Those signs have nothing to do with the Bee Ridge widening project. They are related to the FDOT work that has now begun at the I-75 interchange. That project calls for repaving under I-75 and the addition of a sidewalk on the South side of Bee Ridge from the beginning of the State responsibility to Cattleman road. The side walk will connect to side walk being placed by the County under the Bee Ridge project. The FDOT project is scheduled for 120 days, dependent on weather.
The sidewalk was not on the FDOT schedule until after 2108, but due to the efforts of the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee, the work is being done now.

Verizon is placing conduit on the South side of Bee Ridge in anticipation of the road project. They started at Mauna Loa and are currently outside Hidden Oaks.

House demolition has started as well in anticipation of the road project.  Demolitions are on the south side of the road. 6 houses went down in Dec., 14 are scheduled in Jan., and 4 more in Feb.

Seven houses will remain and the County has no plans to pursue these properties at this time. BRNC has made numerous appeals to reconsider acquiring 5 of the 7 but has failed to change the County position. 2 of the properties will have driveways on Bee Ridge—the remaining 5 will enter from Brentford (south of Bee Ridge.). Screening is provided in the Construction bid to block seeing these properties from Bee Ridge.

Future  Requirements to “get started”

The actual construction bids will be opened on Jan. 15. If the bids exceed the budgeted amounts, it will be up to the County Commissioners as to whether the project proceeds as scheduled.

Additional acquisition hearings for right of way requirements on the North side of Bee Ridge are scheduled for the end of Feb. There are no houses involved in those hearings.

Public works has a $5m project (yet to be approved) that is to be done concurrently with the widening of Bee Ridge. It involves reinforcing of forced mains, relocation of lift stations and some localized potable water reallocation. BRNC has not been involved in this project details.

If all goes well, the Commissioners should approve the projects in March and it will start in earnest in the Spring. It is estimated to take 2 years to complete.

Specific items of interest to Laurel Oak Residents and Members
LOCA and Bent Tree are negotiating a contract with the County to plant and maintain the round about in front of our property. It will be a shared responsibility to install and maintain the upgraded plant material.

LOCA and LOCC are negotiating a contract to maintain the railing that will run the length of the Laurel Oak property on the west side. The railing is required due to the elevated sidewalk that will be installed. The railing will be painted black to match the fence and street lamps.

Please call with any questions or need for more details
Joe O’Hara
For the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee


Anonymous said…
Good morning Kevin . I was just following up on an email I had sent you regarding what might happen to the east bound off ramp where it merges onto bee ridge rd. Has there been any discussions as to possibly extending the merging lane? The county is proposing a huge change at our intersection of mauna loa & bee ridge. It is currently like Russian roulette when driving eastbound when one encounters off ramp traffic. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you for your kind consideration!


Thanks for the question!  I have attached a sketch of our preliminary design and you will see we are relocating the ramp father to the West and the merge lane will be extended as a result.  Please note that this concept is still early in the design stage and we are waiting on Federal Highway Administration approval.
Thanks for this, but it would offer even more value if we could see the preliminary design as well as know the sources.
Anonymous said…
I'd be happy to email the drawing. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste as part of this comment . Please let me know the email address where I can send it and you can include it on your blog! Thanks for the great job you all do!!
If you can, please send to - thanks!
Anonymous said…

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