Brainstorming: Possible projects and why to do them

The January 16th Brainstorming Meeting (of the Lake Sarasota Community Group) produced some doable project ideas. Folks also clarified what purpose any such project is about. It's really about contributing in any way we can to the 1,600-home community we call home.

Here's the thinking: If you own or rent a house here, then Lake Sarasota matters to you. If bad things happen, chances are the value of your property will sink. If good things happen -- because people care -- the value of the neighborhood will rise, not just in Realtors' eyes, but in the eyes of all of us.

Here are the ideas that came up at our January Brainstorming meeting. The one we have committed to putting into action is the March Neighborhood Garage Sale. The rest will depend upon support from you -- not necessarily money, but a bit of your time and energy.

UPDATE: Take a moment after reading this to use the POLL at the right tell us which one or two projects matter most to you. It will be open for 10 days. If you have another idea, send it along to - thanks.

In no particular order, then:

1. Spring Neighborhood Garage Sale - Set for Saturday, March 29th. It will be advertised online and in the Herald Trib, and there are plans for maps. If you wish to have your sale listed on the map, get in touch with Sandy. Volunteers will be needed to hand out maps, and if we are selling food, for that as well.

Action Item: Even if you do not want to be on the map, email Sandy at to let her know you are participating. The more participants, the more advertising we'll do.

2. Worker Endorsement Board -- a place to list honest and reliable workers who have done work for folks in Lake Sarasota. Basically, a referral service like Angie's List, but limited to folks who have proven to be trustworthy, and who actually do work for residents. Send your endorsements to

3. Community-MeetUp Event - an excuse to get out and meet people while the weather is nice. Can involve pot luck, beer truck, special activities, e.g.
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Fishing and Kayak demos on the Lake
  • Working on a small project with Boy Scouts or other organizations that need community service hours.

4. Bingo - rent a hall and organize an event.

5. Neighborhood Improvement Grant. If we can guarantee volunteer hours, we can apply for neighborhood grants. We have people willing and able to do the grant writing. But a grant requires us to tell the County that we have volunteers willing to put in some time. Projects could include an ecology walk for students who walk to Lakeview or Oak Park, improvements to our front entrances and the Mauna Loa median, cleaning up or dismantling Hina Pocket Park, etc. Have an idea? Let us know at

In other news

  • You might hear the sound of houses along Bee Ridge being demolished to make room for the road widening. Also, Verizon is moving some of its infrastructure along the road in advance of the widening. 
  • We are working with the County to have a new and improved Neighborhood sign after Bee Ridge Road is widened. The existing signs at Mauna Loa have to be moved. They will be taken up and used at other entry points.
  • The County is asking for suggestions and input on Lakeview Park - they plan to make some improvements, and would like our thoughts. You can share them with
  • Look for roadwork on Bee Ridge to begin in the Spring. The current work is FDOT at the highway exchange.

Check the Neighborhood Facebook Page for updates:

The next Lake Sarasota Community Group meeting will be 7 pm, March 13 at Sarasota Alliance Church (just opposite Chaucer). We plan to invite a tax expert to speak. All are welcome.

Remember to Take the POLL.


Enie Dub said…
These all sound like great ideas. Lake Sarasota must be an awesome place to live in!

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