Mauna Loa Blvd. could become part of major north-south Artery

A future road alignment plan coming up before the County Commission on March 18th could have major repercussions on Lake Sarasota.

Basically, county planners wish to justify the eventual creation of a north/south artery that would connect Mauna Loa Blvd. with Fruitville Rd. via a road that right now only exists on future maps, called Spine Rd.

The planners' reasoning and details are in a Board Memo available via this link. 

Spine Rd. will be the subject of discussion at the Board of County Commissioners sometime during the afternoon session on March 18th. The session begins at 1:30, but will have other items. Public input will be possible.

Here is the basic scenario as we understand it:

The developers of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce (TerraCap BR and agent Peter M. Dailey and Richard Fischer) wish to remove Spine Rd. from the future plans, presumably because it will save them money to do so. 

The planners wish to retain Spine Rd. because they see the need for a north-south artery for traffic moving between North County (Fruitville) and Clark Rd. (Overview map of area.)

This artery would include our main street, Mauna Loa Blvd.

If you believe the neighborhood has too much bus and truck traffic coming along our main Boulevard now, what will it be like when Fruitville, Palmer, Webber, Bee Ridge, Proctor and Clark Rds. will all feed traffic onto Mauna Loa? 

Please share your thoughts on this, and if you can, plan to support community actions - which might include public input at the county hearing on March 18th, emails to the Commissioners, a petition, etc. The Lake Sarasota Community Group meets Thursday March 13th at Sarasota Alliance Church, 7 pm.

Thank you for your support.

Spine Rd. shown but not how it will link to Mauna Loa

Only a portion of Spine Rd. shown here


Linda Szalay said…
no way we live here because i never wanted to have a house close to a busy main road which is what will happen if this goes through. there is already too much traffic as it is so I hope my neighbors agree with me when I say no way will i support this
We will definitely let the County Commissioners know that many in the community share your feelings.

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