ReZoning Approved by the County

A re-zoning long sought by the owners of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce (BRPOC) was approved Tuesday by the Sarasota County Commission. The approval (changing zoning from PCD -> Commercial Neighborhood) was delayed due to complications of road design as well as concerns from nearby neighborhoods about impacts of the development upon traffic, tranquility, and property values.

The owner/developer, the Canadian firm TerraCap, entered into discussions with neighborhood representatives that led to a compromise agreement. A voluntary Declaration or Covenant, it limits the kinds of businesses that can operate in the Park of Commerce, and imposes other constraints upon hours of delivery, lighting, noise and signage. Once signed and recorded, it is legally binding upon the developer. The Commission made the rezoning approval contingent upon the signing and recording of the Declaration.

A copy of the final document can be downloaded here. In addition, the developer stipulated that no space within the CN structures would be larger than 37,500 square feet, which is the usual size for a small grocery.

The declaration does not apply to the Racetrac gas station currently under construction. That parcel was sold to Racetrac by the previous owners of the BRPOC, and surrounding communities had no knowledge of the sale or plans for a gigantic 24/7 gas station.

A request from Terracap for an additional left turn from behind the Racetrac onto Mauna Loa North was denied. County traffic engineer Paula Wiggins stated that the turn would lie within 500 feet of the functional area of the intersection at Bee Ridge and Mauna Loa Blvd.

When the Bee Ridge widening is done, that intersection will have 7 lanes and be burdened with cars moving East-West along Bee Ridge as well as traffic exiting from Racetrac and medical and business facilities in and adjacent to the cul de sac of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce, along with cars coming from Lake Sarasota to the south side of Bee Ridge.

6.9-acre CN area behind and to the East of Racetrac


Anonymous said…
Perhaps a small victory in what promises to be a long battle. Great reporting!

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