D.R. Horton building homes to North and East of Lake Sarasota

If you drive to the East end of Mauna Loa Blvd. and look across the boundary stream between Lake Sarasota and Bent Tree, you'll see some clearing and contouring of Bent Tree acreage bordering on the stream.

What you're seeing is the relocation of a portion of Bent Tree's golf course to accommodate 78 new homes. The homes will be built back upon a new interior road, and will have a separate gated access point within Bent Tree. A portion of the golf course is being moved toward the stream. Presumably this means folks on the Lake Sarasota side will simply get a closer look at the skills of the players at the country club, not at backyards or a road.

The homes are to be built by D.R. Horton, one of the largest home builders in the US. Horton also plans to build 89 Town Homes in the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce -- far to the rear of the property behind Racetrac at N. Mauna Loa. Entitled Baytown, the town homes will be attached homes starting at the mid $200s. TerraCap is clearing the land and expects to deed it to Horton in the Fall.


Anonymous said…
yes we knew this was coming for a long time...thus the new multi lane highway to service the developers...I sure will miss the nice "country feel " about Lake Sarasota, when moved here 22 years ago.
Anonymous said…
If you look up D. R. Horton online - they build homes all over the country. But there are many unhappy clients, in addition to inferior homes, they many times create huge drainage problems for the established residents after the new construction.

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