Next General Meeting

Anyone who wishes from Lake Sarasota may attend Thursday's regularly scheduled meeting of the community at Sarasota Alliance Church, opposite Chaucer, at 6 pm on Thursday Sept. 10 in Room 106. (Confirmed)

Lake Sarasota Community Group

0. Treasury Report - Ellie

1. Follow-up: For folks who didn't attend, a summary of the special meeting with County in August:
We had a special meeting to discuss crime , code violations, and empty houses some with squatters living in them. The sheriff 's office, code enforcement, neighborhood services and Parks and Rec. were all present. They gave out a lot of information for us to think about and follow up. Participation by the home owners is encouraged.
Some possible measures to follow up on:
1. Seeking a neighborhood grant to place motion-detecting cameras at strategic locations;
2. Learning the formal procedure for contacting banks and landlords whose property is in disrepair, housing criminal activity, or inhabited by squatters;
3. Reviewing proactive resident measures such as Citizen Patrol;
4. Designing a better and more strategic line of communications with the Sheriff, Code Enforcement, Parks, and other County resources, and
5. Asking to be considered for street lighting on at least the main thoroughfares of Lake Sarasota.
6. Discussing flooding: Is there a "dry path" into Lake Sarasota from Bee Ridge when flash floods occur on roads and intersections in Lake Sarasota? Will this situation get worse with the new, higher elevation of Bee Ridge Rd.?
Action Item: Do we want to plan an all-community meeting on security issues with the County?

2. Hina Park --
Action: Repair it? Take it down? - Joanne

3. Sheriff Reports - We need one person to volunteer to be in touch with Det. Riva and to share the statistics with us on a monthly basis.
Action: Ask for a volunteer.

4. Neighborhood Grant - for solar powered security lights and or cameras? Or speed bumps?
Action: Any volunteers to pursue this?

5. Next Regular meeting: Dec. 10th.


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