Update on Bee Ridge Roadwork

Below are notes gathered through "the grapevine" offering info regarding deadlines and other construction decisions. This is not official info shared by Sarasota County.
--Road completion date moved one month form Apr/May to May/June due to weather. Roundabouts will be last element completed.
--No date on Mauna Loa build up and re-route.
--Contractor has had over $50,000 worth of tools and materials stolen from there storage site at the end of Bee Ridge. Ask neighbors to report any activity on the road after hours where equipment or other materials are being removed.
--Water locations east of Bent Tree in front of churches will be filled in before sidewalk can be placed.
--Contractor is wiring all street lights—FPL will make hot and contractor will turn on sometime this month, before daylight savings is over.
--Where fence will be situated, all 550’ will be set at a constant height of 6’ relative to side walk.
--No dates yet on start of roundabout at Iona.


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