Community meets Dec. 10th

Lake Sarasota residents interested in the welfare of the neighborhood are welcome to attend an open meeting on Thursday, Dec. 10 - 7 pm at the meeting rooms behind Sarasota Alliance Church.

Representatives from the County and Sheriff will be on hand, as well as a representative from the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee who will address road questions. Please share this info with your neighbors.

Lake Sarasota has no formal HOA, no dues, no deed restrictions - just people who volunteer as they can.

Thursday, Dec. 10
7 pm


1. Bee Ridge Rd. and I-75 Updates.

2. Neighborhood Security Concerns for Lake Sarasota
  • Vulnerabilities of Lake Sarasota
    • No gates 
    • No security cameras 
    • No street lights
    • No traffic calming 
    • No HOA.
    • Proximity to I-75 (fast getaway) 
  • Percentage of renters - correlations with crime stats? 
  • Banks neglecting custodial care on properties. 
  • Absentee and indifferent landlords.

3. Things a volunteer group can work on:
  • Coordination on intelligence on developing problems; more consistent communication with Sheriff regarding problem areas (e.g. drug houses, squatters, problem landlords and banks). 
  • Developing an accountable relationship with Code Enforcement. E.g. when someone calls CE, they might share the complaint info with a point person, and follow-up on result (or lack thereof). 
  • Lighting - near front entrance, perhaps in other dark areas where homeowners are experiencing break-ins, vandalism, etc. 
  • Parking - complaints from neighbors about too many cars parked on certain streets (Samoa, Timor) blocking flow of traffic. 
  • Seasonal flash flooding.
  • Offenders living in Lake S.

4. New Business


Anonymous said…
Commericial trucking and businesses using lake Sarasota as a pass through from bee ridge road to proctor and Clark road to avoid the the round about's, there is enormous new amount of dump trucks ,dumpster trucks ,semi truck and trailers box trucks, equipment hauling trucks trailers, lawn equipment truck and trailers not including all the loud diesel pickups who are all not conducting work in the lake Sarasota neighborhood , should there be no trucking signs posted on the main roads entering all through roads in Lake Sarasota . And should they be be pulled over and ticketed for not having proof of a work order of work being done inside lake Sarasota . It's bad enough with all the school buses using their loud jake brakes coming through , Although that could be improved if they would just use the normal brakes without all the wall piercing jake brake noise . We did not buy in lake sarasota family neighborhood for it to be converted into a commercial through fair for busiiness purposes . This should be addressed and with the help of sarasota county sherrif dept to enforce it .
Thank you. This can be brought up at our next meeting - which is tentatively set for next Thursday, Dec. 8. The meeting date will be announced and confirmed on this blog very soon. This is significant information, especially if there is some way of measuring the truck count now compared to before. Also, why do they wish to avoid the roundabouts?

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