Letter from the Chair of the Lake Sarasota Community Group

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Keith Russo. My wife, Sommer, and our boys love this neighborhood. That is why I volunteered to be considered for and was elected chairman by the members of the Lake Sarasota Community Group. Hence why I am now using this ID, rather than my personal one.

First, LSCG is not an HOA, as many of you may know. We are not interested in regulating your lives. We are a
 volunteer group open to all Lake Sarasota residents that are invested in our neighborhood and its safety and well-being. As such, this group has advocated on behalf of our community to local and county officials, kept the community informed of events and news that affect us, and coordinated community activities. Certain community members, like Tom Matrullo, should be applauded for doing a great deal to help us all. I am committed to continuing LSCG's tradition of advocating for your concerns and building community in every respect.

We have noticed that many people have concerns about our neighborhood, ranging from safety of the streets, such as speeding and petty crime, to the overall impression of life here. Several long-term residents feel that Lake Sarasota is less safe or desirable than it has been in the past. I believe that we should help each other make this the best neighborhood that it can be, which is a terrific one. The only way we can do that is together.

If you see crime, are a victim of it, or know of its effects, please report it to the sheriff. They need to know in order to assign appropriate patrols. Afterwards, please take the time to tell LSCG. If you have a concern about traffic, conditions, construction, or anything, please tell your neighbors on Nextdoor, but also contact LSCG. Together, we can discuss ways of helping with your concerns.

email: lakesarasota@gmail.com

One example: the Bee Ridge construction near, the reformatting of, and placement of the SCAT bus stop at Allan Place has caused the residents on that street grief. The initiative came from the residents, spearheaded by Tammy Fultz, and was brought to our attention. We have organized neighbors to meet with county officials, and we are in continuing negotiations with the county to make that situation more livable for those residents. This is a direct result of citizen involvement being channeled in a way that could make a difference.

We are also open to working with other communities that may be receiving this message through associated Nextdoor neighborhoods to address your concerns as well.

On a lighter note, we are also looking forward to planning more community events in the neighborhood. We would love input and ideas at the next meeting.

If you wish to have your voice heard in person, we are holding our quarterly meeting on June 9th at 7pm at the Sarasota Alliance Church meeting rooms, behind the church itself.

All are welcome. Community builds strength.

Traffic and construction info as well as meeting minutes are posted to this blog and on fb, search https://www.facebook.com/LakeSarasotaCom...

If you wish to have an issue raised or addressed, please, email us at lakesarasota@gmail.com

Lastly, tell your neighbors about nextdoor, LSCG, meetings, and our email/conact info. Spread the information.

I look forward to serving my community. Together, we can make our neighborhood the home we want it to be and we can better know, respect, and help each other.

Keith Russo


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