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This set of stats was released by the County in connection with the upcoming Neighborhoods Conference. A full list of tours and workshops is here. Click the image to make it larger:


Unknown said…
I would like to know when the American Flag at the entrance to Lake Sarasota on Mauna Loa will be fixed? The Rope is torn and the flag is flying wildly and Faded. This is very disrespectful and shameful. It's been since at least the end of June.
Brian Underwood said…
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Thanks for noticing. We were discussing this the other day. As with everything this neighborhood does, the flag is a volunteer effort.

In the past, different folks have stepped forward with ladders, new flags, the necessary know-how to replace an old flag.

Let us know if you're able to help, but for now, the problem is recognized and there is an effort to do what can be done.

I would be glad to purchase a new Flag, it old also need to be restrung with new rhalyard. The current Flag is also the wrong size and should be larger. I don't know if I have a latter tall enough to reach the cleat. I would need to know how tall the pole is in order to get the correct length halyard. Does anyone know how tall it is?

Until then, could someone at least pull down the existing flag? That should be real easy.
Wait, correction on last post. Don't take down the existing flag I would need the Halyrd to restring the new Halyard through the truck.
A couple of neighbors are going to take a look at the flag on Thursday around 8:30 am. If you happen to be free, perhaps you'll consider joining to help see what's needed.
The Sept. 6th meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group is open to all, and the flag will be on the agenda. We hope to fund the purchase of new flag and rope and will appreciate input from residents knowledgeable about both. Thanks.

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