Contacts for Bee Ridge issues

The followings are the County-assigned contacts for Bee Ridge Rd now that the project is complete: 
·         Tree Trimming beyond project limits:  Tim Eiseler, 941-650-0738
·         Mowing:  Gregg Young 941-302-8164

Per the construction contract, “The County will be responsible for mowing, edging, trimming, and litter pick-up of all sodded areas”
·         Landscape and Irrigation System:  Alex Boudreau, 941-650-0765
·         This is currently being monitored/maintained under the “Plant Establishment Period and Contract Warranty” section of the construction contract until December 12, 2017.  “The contractor shall be responsible for regular maintenance of all landscaped beds, bioswales, mulched areas, shrubs, plants, trees and palms” 

.       Bioswales maintenance POC will be Gerald McClendon 941-315-5207
·         Roadway Lighting: Gary Spraggins 941-650-3306
·         Street Sweeping: Lynn Mison 941-861-0819
Add Robert Arciniega - 941-861-7548 - code enforcement - removal of inappropriate ads and signs along the road or in roundabouts.


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