Report from March 16th community meeting

Hina Park in Lake Sarasota
Report from March 16, 2017 LSCG Meeting:

It was decided without objection to leave the executive board in place for the next year. Motion was heard, seconded, and carried.

The March 25th community garage sale is on, but Keith and Sommer cannot accept any donations because they'll be away.

The flag was replaced and there was a report of a pulled post in Hina park.

The volunteers for the Hina Park project were thanked and some money was collected if anyone who acquired material (Tammy and John Fultz) wish to be reimbursed. If so, speak to Ellie.

Carlos Correa from The Enclaves on Palmer Blvd. came by and spoke passionately about supporting the efforts to block the development near Celery Fields. I for one agree and there seemed to be no dissent at the table. We should think of ways to get involved. I, for one, will spend my spring break annoying Caragiulo about this through email and phone calls. Others are encouraged to write him, attend protests, and spread the word about what an awful idea this is for everyone in the Sarasota County. I'm sure Tom, who is heavily involved in the effort, can continue to post material. But we need to reach out to the non-digital community. Let's contemplate how we can achieve that.

The next meeting was scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of June, the 8th. No events are planned, save the March 25th garage sale, before then. We have tentatively scheduled meetings for 9/14 and 11/9, with a Hina Park Fall Festival the following weekend.

One last thing: Ross opened up the facility for us. Is he the pastor? Also, he said they need a crosswalk for the youths coming to church. Is there a way we can facilitate that?


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