November Activities and Upcoming Events

The November 14th General Meeting offered news and updates on several fronts, and set dates for some future events.

Laura Mathis began by offering a mission statement for the Community Group: "The Lake Sarasota group's purpose is to enhance the beauty, safety and sense of community in a positive way through working together in positive roles."

  • Volunteers are needed on Sunday, Dec. 7th at 9 a.m. to finish landscaping the Westminster Entrance. The letters are up, the wall is painted. Bring gloves, long sleeve shirts, and a truck if you have one -- the work will involve moving some bricks (that used to be at the Mauna Loa Entrance) into place. The Beautification Committee also seeks a volunteer to water and keep the Westminster entrance clean.

  • A sign for the Mauna Loa entrance, paid for by the County with a generous additional donation from Mickey Schweitzer, should be ready by the end of the year. Here's a sketch of what it will look like:

  • Citizens Patrol: George Morgan plans to schedule a class for the week after Thanksgiving for the 30 or so volunteers. He's still looking for people who can give a couple of hours every other month to looking after the neighborhood. Vandalism drops by 30% in areas with active patrols, he added. Email or call him: 377-4437
  • Mauna Loa should have two more stop signs by January. Signs were approved at Luwana and at Lago Way by the county's Traffic Advisory Council. The Board of Commissioners still has final say, and could add one or more locations, says Debbie Marks.
  • A petition has begun to tell the county that residents of Lake Sarasota wish Bee Ridge Road to be properly widened before permitting further residential or commercial development on Bee Ridge Road at Mauna Loa. See this and this for background on proposals that could impact our traffic and general quality of life.
  • The Yard of the Month Program is set to start in December -- look for more info in your mailbox.
  • Mark your calendar for Jan. 20 -- that's when the Neighborhood is planning a Lake Sarasota-wide Garage Sale, complete with maps, refreshments, raffles and more. Organizer Dawn Steele needs helpers -- contact her at 377-4710.


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