Birds of Lake Sarasota

These are some of the birds that live, nest, and raise families in Lakeview Park, and along the edges and on the little rookery island in Lake Sarasota. They offer quite a variety of species. All photos were taken by Lynne, who lives on the lake.

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"When you come to Lakeview Park, bring your camera and binoculars," says Lynne, adding,"our good fortune at having these beautiful birds in our midst comes with a responsibility to protect them."


Anonymous said…
Anyone have any idea who the 3 boys were that threw the bench into the lake on Sunday, May 27th? They looked to be in their teens; one wore a green t shirt, one had on a red t, and the other had on a dark blue or black t-shirt with white writing or design across the middle of the chest. This act of vandalism was called in to the sheriff's office that day but the boys were still in the park about an hr after that, so I am not sure anything was done.

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