Sarasota water: Not Cheap

A resident of Lake Sarasota asks:

I would like to know if anyone in Lake Sarasota is weary of the high priced water bills? As a single male, my water bill is never less than $50.00 per month. Water is not a luxury, it is a necessity. I have talked with someone else who has a family where their water bill is in the hundreds. After paying an enormous amount about 3 weeks ago, I have another bill nearly $60.00

I would like to know if we can organize a petition. I believe anything would help when finances are so strained with so many foreclosures here in our own neighborhood.

The county liason replied to an email asking about the rates:

I have not heard this from other groups (i.e. Nokomis water lines customers).

A petition won't influence water rates. They are adopted by the BCC and are the same for everyone. In other words, there are uniform water rates throughout the county for all our customers.

Conservation and efficient use of this precious resource is the only way to effectively manage water.

Anyone from Customer Service 861-6790 can answer question regarding high water bills.

We're curious: how high are your bills? Anyone have any good water conservation tips?


Anonymous said…
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