More on this week's happenings

Please read this update from Laura:

Hello Neighbors,
March meeting will again be led by Dan Johnson. Thanks Dan!
Our new Chairman, Jeff Ellis, is still healing after a back injury. We hope to see you again soon, Jeff !
On the agenda will be:

-Community Yard Sale - March 15 / contact Sandy Allen if you want to help out…

We’ll be selling hotdogs, burgers and sodas again, this time near the vacant lot at end of Luzon on Lancaster. We’ll also have a table to donated items to sell – all to benefit the Lake Sarasota Community Group.

Also, if you want to be listed on the Neighborhood Map, contact Sandy.

Citizen's Patrol – Next Training will be March 25th 7-7:30 pm in our usual meeting room at Sarasota Baptist Church.

You need to attend this training to participate in this vital endeavor to make our community safer.

Allow me to be blunt for a moment…. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! All of our accomplishments don’t “just happen.” They happen because concerned residents STEP UP and take action. Citizens' Patrol is a very easy way to take action and get involved. 2 hours a month is all it takes. Or, if you really want to STEP UP, George Morgan could really use some help scheduling (making calls to put together the schedule and/or talking this up with your neighbors to get them involved). Did I mention that we need people to STEP UP??

Want to make your property value go UP? Get involved in bettering your community J

-Update on our trees for medians: We’ve learned that due to budget cuts at the county and another big project that has apparently taken precedent over ours, we have been pushed back until late summer. We will continue to ‘hound’ them (in a nice way, of course) so they won’t forget about us J We are certainly learning that “these things take time.” The good news is that the Neighborhood Services Dept loves what we’re doing and wants to help in any way they can.


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