Landscaping the Entrances

The Lake Sarasota Beautification Committee has bids from two landscapers for the entrances at Mauna Loa and Westminster Blvd. The Committee is authorized to sign a contract, but wished to give the community the opportunity to review the offers and the choice of plants before making a final determination.

Note: The plants here are those that would most likely be part of the landscaping regardless of which landscaper is chosen.

Golden Aster

Diffley and Daughters Dreamscapes, Inc.

Dreamscape Installation at the two entrances to Lake Sarasota - Total: $750.00

Westminster Entrance

Diffley will take the plants from the Mauna Loa entrance and install them in those beds-balancing out both sides & Installing Pine Bark Mulch.

Mauna Loa Entrance

Diffley & Daughters will make both beds identical

We will precut the decorative beds to emphasize them & Install:
2-Double Foxtail-4 ft. behind the Lake Sarasota signs
4-Dwarf Philodendron
6-Flax Lily
6-Golden Aster
4-Indian Hawthorn
Install Pine Bark Mulch

Diffley & Daughters Dreamscapes will also donate our time & services of -- 1 month of watering the beds once a week & 1 year of upkeep on all the beds including-Weed control, edging the beds, & trimming.

We can always work with you if you would like to change things. Also you mentioned the pygmy date palm if you would like to substitute the fox tail palms. We get a price of $125.00 each, they are very nice looking. You would just have to add another $125.00 to the total. One Pygmy date equals the cost of both fox tail palms. We look forward to working with you.

Gold Mound Duranta

Jeff Hibbs Landscape

Total: $1026.80

--Mona Loa Entrance--

Flax Lilly 1 gallon 12
Dwarf Indian Hawthorne 1 gallon 10
Gold Mound Duranta 3 gallon 4
Pygmy Date Palm Triple Stem 15 gallon 2
B+ Cypress Mulch 'Cubic Yard' 1
*Remove Existing Material For Relocation....Reset Boulders...Install New Material...

--Westminster Entrance--

Liriope 'Evergreen Giant' 1 gallon 14
Gold Mound Duranta 3 gallon 10
B+ Cypress Mulch 'Cubic Yard' 2
*Remove Existing Material...
*Relocate Fountain Grass, Areca Palms, Liriope From Mona Loa Entrance...

Double Fox Tail Palm

Double Pygmy Date Palms


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