General Meeting July 8

The Lake Sarasota Community Group meets at 7 p.m. at Sarasota Baptist Church. Some items will follow from discussions at last month's meeting.

See also these updates on our Google Site: Brick Grill at Lakeview Park Pavilion Taken Down.

Prior to the meeting will be a Citizens Patrol Training session - a half-hour for those wishing to be certified. See here for more info, and please contact Ted Cover if you plan to attend.

How to get to our meeting:

Sarasota Baptist Church is across the street from Lakeview Elementary (Hand Rd from Lago): Go to the end across from the Worship Center and enter via the Admin Offices entrance (You'll see the names on the buildings once you're on that end in the parking lot.) It's in Room #100, which is straight ahead down the hallway when you enter. Real easy to find.

Update from Laura:

Hi Neighbors~
May you have an enjoyable, relaxing 4th of July weekend.
The monthly meeting is July 8th @ 7 pm located in room #100 Sarasota Baptist Church.
Right before the general meeting is another Citizen's Patrol Training at 6:30 pm.
Please call or email our new CP Coordinator, Ted Cover, for more info:
or 379-0758

Agenda items include:

~What next for neighborhood improvements? More landscaping, lighting, a Fall Festival? Please share your ideas. We have some county funding left and funds in the LSCG account to work with.

~What can we do to get more residents motivated to "make a difference"?
Originally brought together with the help of Debbie Marks from Sarasota County Neighborhood Services, our group has enjoyed the benefits of new friendships, a sense of accomplishment and the joy of seeing our neighborhood benefit. We'd like to have more neighbors join our endeavors. The more the merrier!

~We need to elect a new Chairperson to lead our group. Do you have leadership qualities, a sincere desire to make Lake Sarasota a better place to live, and just love people? WE NEED YOU :)

~You've likely noticed the stakes in the medians. Our new trees are finally closer to reality!


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