Residents speak

Some reactions to the new trees on Mauna Loa, and thoughts about what to do with our neighborhood grant funds:

First off I would like to congratulate you on all your endeavors and hard work. We are gone a lot and every time we come back to the neighborhood the improvements stand out. Love the 4 way stops. Traffic seems to have slowed to a much safer speed. Thank you for this.

I do have a couple of suggestions for the grant money. Grant money is not free money, it is tax money that all have paid. This money, in my strong opinion, needs to be spent wisely for all. A party sounds wonderful but will only benefit a few. And I do not think this will go well with the county. There are stipulations for every grant. The landscaping will need continuing care. Can mulch, fertilizer and other landscaping needs be purchased and stored for future use? Gas cards for the volunteer patrol people, mailings for the people that do not use the Internet and are not receiving important announcements? Public education on important issues that need to be addressed through mailings or presentations.

Suzanne M.


I think landscaping material makes good sense, since it will be ongoing forever. Plus our entry is the first impression of the neighborhood and influences the value of the property. It must look good!

Kim D.


We all thought a couple of the medians looked bare on the ends, so after a few more phone calls (Thanks to my hubby, Eric!) with the county, 2 medians are getting more trees in about 2 more weeks !!

Our understanding is that this won't be coming out of grant money.

Our contact is also researching the cost of putting in an extra synthetic material around bottom of trees which lets in water but keeps weeds from growing, which would keep maintenance down and looking nicer longer. The cost of this would have to come out of grant money, so give us your feedback. – Laura M.


I say go for it. Less maintenance the better. – Amy S.


The trees look great.. Love it ... Love it... Sorry I missed yet another meeting.. Sometimes I have to work crazy hours to make ends meet.. You guys are doing a bang up job.. Thank God for the rains this past week.. I love the free water...

Susan R.


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