Hina Pocket Park Taking Form

The picture below reflects the triangle at the intersection of Hina Dr. and Palau Dr. which is about to become a pocket park, thanks to the energies and efforts of several of our residents and to the folks at Neighborhood Services of Sarasota County.

In fact, you can help make that transformation happen. Bushes and benches have been ordered (thanks to the grant from the county), and we'll be doing some plantings at the site this Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009, at 8:30 AM. Anyone who enjoys a bit of outdoor exercise and community participation is invited to join in. Things to bring:
  • water
  • big shovels
  • post hole diggers
  • some gardening gloves
  • a tool or two 
In a follow-up email, Faith explained the need for post hole diggers and more:
. . . we need big shovels and if any post hole diggers laying in a garage. We have several holes to dig for the boundry fencing and do have 1 power auger but only for a few hours. The garden area is a 12 foot circle which we need to totally dig out and till to aide the plants. Also a lot of mulch to drop.
We also need strong backs as all the park goodies are concrete piece we will put together.
So do come out and be part of the latest Lake Sarasota beautification project.

This is the BEFORE shot:

When it's completed, we'll post the AFTER shot here as well.


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