A note from our neighbors

About the recent Yard Sale and more:

First I would like to say that I think Sandy did a fantastic job! There are a lot of good ideas here and we need to talk about them while it's still fresh in our minds and implement them. However, until we get participation from all the homeowners with a wish list, the few people that actually show up and do the work won't be able to fulfill those wishes.

If homeowners of Lake Sarasota want a better community, then it's time to stand up and be counted. If we want a safer community, then we need to keep Ted Cover's phone (379-0758) ringing [or keep his email pinging] so he can set up a Citizens Patrol schedule that will let vandals and thieves know we are serious about keeping them out of here! He is doing a superb job of forwarding information from the sheriff's office to our community and needs everyone's help. This program is way too massive for 5 or 6 people to accomplish. If you want outside people to want to buy some of the empty homes in our community, this program may be one of the ways that might encourage that. People want to live in a safe surrounding.

Again I say, stand up be counted and make a difference! Let me apologize to all the people that helped on the garage sale that I didn't mention. Like Tina on Lania that got her neighbor to haul the grill to Maui. Just little things like that, people helping people, make the difference. Regardless of how short a time, each person that played a part in the sale made a difference to its success.

Thanks again Tom,

Ray & Connie


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