Free flu shots

To schedule a free H1N1 vaccination clinic at your company or organization’s location, please call Anna Brereton-Hubbard at 941-861-2678.  

H1N1 vaccine is also free every day at Sarasota County Health Department clinics on Ringling Blvd in Sarasota and Tamiami Trail in Venice.  

Hours are posted at

Although Sarasota County has recently experienced a decrease in H1N1 cases, the illness is still in our community.  It is also uncertain if another large wave of illness will recur this winter.  Contracting the H1N1 flu is not only uncomfortable but can be costly and may also lead to more critical illness. Protect yourself and your family by preventing the spread of H1N1!

The Sarasota County Health Department staff will travel to businesses and organizations in Sarasota County and hold small vaccination clinics onsite. We request the business supply a room, table, chairs and a minimum of 20 interested individuals. There is no charge for the vaccine or for an administration fee.  All services are free.


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