Highlights of Jan. 12th 2010 Meeting

The Lake Sarasota Community Group meeting was briefer than usual. We kept the same panel of officers as last year - Bill, Tisha, Judy, Ellie, Renee, Ted, et al, and raffled off a $50 gift certificate among the new visitors to our meeting.

The treasury now has $676.15 after expenses, mostly charitable in nature, over the holiday season. Thanks to those who contributed last month.

Yards of the Month were chosen on Lancaster, Allen, and Waikiki, and Renee will be delivering signs.

LSCG officers will check on locations for future meetings - the VFW post and a couple of churches on Bee Ridge are possibilities. The Lakeview school portable is very nice, but will cost $30 each time we meet there.

We don't yet have the Sheriff's report for December. October and November, as previously reported, together only had eight reported incidents. Ted is always welcoming new volunteers and can arrange brief training sessions: 941 379-0758 or tcover6161@aol.com.

A couple of trees in the median have died, and the county will be contacted.

All ages are invited to pitch in this Saturday, Jan. 16th, at the Rothenbach Park Air Potato Round-up. Click here and here for more info - it's a great way to get some exercise, enjoy a lovely park, help keep the park in good shape, meet people, and get a free sandwich - food will be served at 1 pm at the pavilion - the actual clean-up starts at 9 am (8 am for Disney Day volunteers, please).

Know a family in need? Here's a list of local food programs.

The next meeting will likely be on Tuesday, Feb. 9, but look for announcements -- there is some talk of changing the day to Wednesday.


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