Emergency Recovery Chief Speaks

Scott Montgomery Recovery Chief Sarasota Emergency Management spoke to the Lake Sarasota Community Group on June 10th.

His EOC responsibilities are, in the event of a disaster:
  • set up points of neigh distribution - free water, mre's blue tarps.
  • damage assessment
  • preparedness

On the Oil spill - "lots of rumors going around"

Only report of oil reaching Florida coast so far is in Pensacola 

Oil plume is 200 miles from St. Pete, 250 miles from Sarasota's shoreline. 

Current projections: the giant oil is moving south and away from us.

If BP were to abandon the recovery effort, the county has a contingency plan and response organizational chart.

Florida beaches are open. If oil reaches us, it will be weathered, i.e., tar balls or patties, not a sheen.

We are in a "forbidden zone" which means, currents don't naturally push things to our shore.

Emergency Management Plans for Hurricanes

Every county has an emergency mgmt plan

Public Safety Advisory Group

Policy Group - the key agencies and cities and town.

Hurricanes: The prognosis is not good.

We're looking at an active season
  • 14-23 named storms
  • of which, 8-14 hurricanes
  • of which, 3 to 7 intense hurricanes.

El Nino warms the Pacific - winds blow from the west - pushes hurricanes canes away
Now it's gone away - things are in a neutral state
The Atlantic is a bit warmer than usual, suggesting a more active season.

Be prepared. One way is to familiarize yourself with the county's online resources (see also links to weather and storm info on right).

The County has a Disaster planning CD - plan pre-during-after storm. 

we have about 206 neighborhoods that have completed their disaster plans

5 are pet friendly - dogs and cats only, no snakes, etc.
The county doesn't open all 38 at once - it open some, then more as necessary, depending on location of storm, etc.

Neighborhood Preparedness Program - Neighborhoods can sign up to hear five talks about all aspects of preparedness, of which tonight's talk by Scott was one.

All Hazards brochure.

Be prepared for 7 days.

Things to have on hand:
  • cash
  • prescriptions
  • gas
  • food
  • water

Emergency kit:

  • first aid
  • water 1 gal. per person per day
  • foods
  • batteries
  • non electric can opener
  • flashlights wi/batteries
  • mosquto repellent 
  • fire extinguisher
  • instant tire sealers
  • whistle and distress flag
  • 2 coolers (1 food/1 ice)
  • flashlights with batteries
All Hazards Emergency Car Kit

NOAA radio is recommended.

After a disaster, if you're ok, put a green ribbon on your door.

If you're going to evacuate, tell your neighbors your plan - where you plan to evacuate to.

Means of Communication after a catastrophic event:
ham operators
walkie talkies

Scott also gave several Handouts, which can be obtained from the county:

2010 Hurricane Guide

Home Safety Planner

Homeowner's insurance

FEMA - individual insurance 

Scott can return to talk about individual assistance plans.


Anonymous said…
Looks like it was a great meeting! Sorry we missed it! -TB

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