HIghlights of June Meeting

Welcome to the new faces at our June meeting!

Sarasota County Emergency Recovery Chief Scott Montgomery provided an overview of the oil spill, and helpful hurricane preparedness information. This will be posted separately (link pending).

Meeting Highlights:

Treasury: $790.89 total - no outstanding bills

Three new Yards of the Month were selected - you'll be hearing from Renee.

Sheriff's Report: There was an uptick in incidents in May, from 7 in April to 11. Two on Jarvis, one on Brentford. Most occurred during the afternoons, and a number of break-ins took place on May 17th, suggesting these may be related incidents.

Citizens Patrol: Ted indicated he's looking for volunteers for the rest of June and the first week of July. He can be reached at , or 379-0758. Citizens Patrol is a proven way to keep neighborhoods crime free. A resident whose home was burglarized on Wake Ave. urged everyone to look out not only for their own homes, but for those of their neighbors. If you seen an open shed or gate, do something about it.

Richard Fischer property (some background here): The matter is pretty much where it was left last time. Mr. Fischer might return in July to update us. One resident suggested that it could become a "solar park" that would generate electricity. One question is, given the proximity to I-75, is there not reason to think the Florida Department of Transportation would be interested in what becomes of the land?



Sandy announced that 1200 business directories were distributed - she has a few left if your house did not get one.

Sandy also presented a set of dates for future events:

June 17 - social at the alehouse from 7 to 9 pm

July 8 - county may be at LSCG meeting to talk about park

July 17 - potluck at park, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Neighborhood Clean-up with dumpsters is Saturday, July 24.

Aug. 12 free pizza

Sept 9 LSCG meeting: lady from consumer credit - foreclsore prevention

Oct. 14 LSCG meeting: spaghetti - credit counseling class

Nov. 6 - Next Community garage sale

Nov. 11 LSCG meeting: class on identity theft

Dec. 9 LSCG meeting: walmart gift card, maybe pot luck

Dec. 18th - Santa (tentative)


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