Latest Sheriff's Report on LS

From Ted, here's the latest Sheriff's report for our area -- Thanks Ted!

The Sept. 2011 Sheriff's Dept Report analysis:

Crimes by type:

Vandalism - 2
Burglaries - 1
Thefts - 4
Juvenile Disturbance - 0.

Five incidents happened between Sept. 5 and 15. The "hottest" day was Thursday, with 3 incidents. Two incidents happened on Tuesdays. and there was one each on Monday and Friday. Six of the seven reported incidents happened between 6 and Midnight, a shift from daylight to dusk. We'll probably want to adjust patrol times accordingly. Brentford Road had two incidents, both vandalism, at 7055 and 7095, four days apart. Hina, Lancaster, Mauna Loa, and Tarawa each had one incident. Unlike June-August, where reported incidents were somewhat concentrated in the east half of Lake Sarasota, the September incidents were scattered throughout the subdivision.

Ted Cover, Citizens Patrol


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