Bee Ridge Widening Details Presented

This is a bare bones summary of changes apparent in the plans presented by the county to the community at this evening's Bee Ridge Widening workshop - more detail will be available soon. A second community workshop will take place when plans are further along, possibly Summer/Fall 2012.

Because of a greater number of changes along the Lake Sarasota stretch of Bee Ridge Rd., more details will be presented to Lake Sarasota residents, possibly in January. Stay tuned.

1. Overview

The road will be four lanes to Bent Tree / Laurel Oak, and two lanes on to Bee Ridge Extension.

It will have streetlights, a median, bicycle lanes, bus stops and sidewalks on both the north and south sides. In places where the county succeeds in purchasing homes, there will be a deeper buffer between the roadway and the communities bordering the roadway.

2. Four new Culs de Sac

Lake Sarasota roads that connect to Bee Ridge are currently planned to be closed off:

  1. Maui
  2. Allen
  3. Coleridge
  4. Chaucer

2. Four Roundabouts: 
  • These will be two-lane roundabouts, about 120' in diameter - smaller than the large one at Jacaranda, but considerably larger than those on Honore.
  • Four roundabouts are currently envisioned:
  1. Tora/Golf Course Boulevard
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Laurel Oak/Bent Tree entrances
  4. Iona/Bee Ridge Extension

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Lake Sarasota Facebook Page or via email to


Gary said…
Am I the only one that hates round abouts? How can we get the county to change their minds?
Did you go to the meeting a couple of weeks ago and speak to anyone there? You can still give them your input, by contacting the planning dept. Here's one email point of contact:

You might want to explain your reasoning to others before assuming everyone feels the same as you do.

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