From the Sarasota Sheriff

Sheriff's press release:

Scam Warning

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about seasonal door-to-door scams, most recently a scheme where people pose as students involved in a fundraiser.
Reported incidents indicate that well-dressed college-age young men are approaching people under the guise of raising money for a school trip. They claim that they attend local universities and that their parents live nearby.
The pitch differs, but on some occasions the suspects ask for $118 for a trip to an overseas sports tournament. If the homeowner seems hesitant they reduce the price and offer magazine subscriptions. The suspect will even present an official looking flyer and receipt, but they do not contain valid information.
In a separate but similar scam, the perpetrator claims to be a state or county worker doing tree work or other contracting in the area. On at least one occasion, the suspect has distracted the victim, entered their home and left with their checkbook or valuables.
However the scam plays out, we want to remind residents to not open their door to uninvited guests, even if they claim to be neighbors or claim to be doing official work.
Anyone who feels unsafe should call the Sheriff’s Office immediately so deputies can contact the individuals and verify the nature of their business. Call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number 941.316.1201.


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