Update on Racetrac and Rezoning

As of yet there is no word as to when a Neighborhood Workshop on Terracap's proposal to rezone part of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce will be held. We'll send out an email as soon as we know. It's easy to get on the email list  -- just send a note to lakesarasota@gmail.com.

The Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee, which for several years has worked with planners on the widening of Bee Ridge Rd., has written to Racetrac Inc., noting several concerns with the large, 24-hour gas station the company wishes to build opposite the front entrance to Lake Sarasota, at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge Rd.

The full text of that letter is here.

The key concerns noted in the letter that relate to Lake Sarasota were:

The Committee recognizes that Racetrac will be a large, tall, highly visible and active presence on East Bee Ridge Road., a road consisting mainly of bedroom communities that has heretofore been completely without commercial activity after 5 p.m. In view of the desire of the communities for the continuance of the peace, safety, and quiet they have long enjoyed, we ask that Racetrac provide written commitment to the mitigations outlined below:  
  • Noise mitigation. As Racetrac plans a 24-hour facility, the potential exists for excessive noise and its impact on the Lake Sarasota neighborhood. We ask that Racetrac commit to muting all loudspeakers between 10:30p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • Odor Control. Gas pumps and car exhaust generate the same kind of concern. What can Racetrac do to eliminate this condition?
  • Lighting. Although your submission indicates 0 lumens at the property line, the potential for glare affecting the adjacent residential community exists. We recommend reducing the service station's overhead lighting after dark to unintrusive levels.
  • Shrubbery and Screening. The Committee would like hedges of at least 3' in height along the property line facing Bee Ridge road. The Committee also requests sufficient trees along Bee Ridge to provide screening. The purpose of those trees, at maturity, would be to block all glare from overhead lights.   
  • Vendor Deliveries. The time and frequency of deliveries should be closely controlled to avoid disruptive noise, particularly in the evenings. Daytime only deliveries would be highly preferable.
  • Signage. The Committee agrees strongly with the County restriction  of 8' for a monument sign and would disagree with any attempt to increase the size of said sign, or to add additional signs advertising gas or other products and services.


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