2050 Plan completes round of public hearings

The third and last public meeting focusing on changes to the Sarasota 2050 Plan was held Monday evening at Twin Lakes Park. Approximately 125 people were there to listen and to discuss many ramifications of the proposed changes.

There is still time to get up to speed on this very important issue. The plan will be going through public hearings in July and August and is scheduled to be voted on before the November election.

Some background information is here. Many more documents focusing on parts of the plan are here, on the lower right side of the page. From this page residents can also submit comments or questions that are posted here.

In brief: Many people feel that the changes to the 2050 plan dilute it and essentially open the floodgates to rapid and poorly conceived development east of I-75. They see the primary movers of the changes to be a handful of developers and builders who simply wish to put more of the same sort of housing and commerce in the rural lands to the East that already exist west of I-75.

Is there an alternative to more gated communities, malls, and strip malls in East County? Here's one media viewpoint. What do you think?


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