Discussion with Developer June 12th

Representatives of the developer of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce say they plan to attend the quarterly meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group this Thursday, June 12. They indicate the possibility of working with Lake Sarasota residents on a neighborhood-friendly Covenant regarding the site and business uses.

The meeting begins at 7 pm at Sarasota Alliance Church.

The letter from Mr. Peter Dailey reads in part:

Thank you for inviting us to your  June 12th Lake Sarasota Community Group meeting. We have been authorized by our clients (Terracap Management, Inc.) to attend and look forward to sharing meaningful dialog per matters of concern (this is “Notice” we will attend). 

As requested, please accept the following outline of matters we are prepared to discuss and those we simply cannot: 
  1. We are prepared to discuss the possibility of a “privately initiated” Restrictive Covenant Agreement (to be filed with Sarasota Clerk of Circuit Court) per permitted land uses in both the PCD and CN Zone Districts of BRPOC. 
  2. As to any site plan changes, the BRPOC main infrastructure is fully permitted and built (except for various parcel interiors). Thus, there are no proposed site plan changes to discuss. 
  3. The Race Trac Company owns the Bee Ridge/Mauna Loa NE corner parcel (fee simple). How they develop their facility is now governed by existing PCD zoning and SC land development regulations. We have no authority to discuss or affect matters related to the development of their land.
The reference to a Restrictive Covenant Agreement relates to a request from Lake Sarasota that the developer of the BRPOC work with the neighborhood to avoid potentially harmful or nuisance modes of commerce. The developer, TerraCap Mgmt Inc., failed to win County approval of its plans for the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce. Story here.

Other items on the Agenda include:
  • Rescuing the existing Lake Sarasota signs at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge before the road widening begins.
  • Update on the timing of the Bee Ridge Road Widening.
  • Update on Sheriff's report for Lake Sarasota.


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