More details about bus stops on Mauna Loa

The team recommends limiting the number of bus stops along the Mauna Loa Boulevard detour route. SCAT is proposing to add one stop northbound and one stop southbound on Mauna Loa Boulevard.

MAUNA LOA BOULEVARD, WEST SIDE of the street, approximately 25 FEET NORTH from BIKINI WAY.

MAUNA LOA BOULEVARD, EAST SIDE of the street, approximately 25 FEET SOUTH from BRENTFORD ROAD.

SCAT will also maintain three existing bus stops within the neighborhood on Berkshire Drive and on Middlesex Place. These are long standing bus stops and are used by SCAT passengers.

The reason for the limited stops is to allow Route 14 to stay on time. The detour adds considerable distance to the route, and stopping frequently would add time to the route. The locations at Bikini Way and Bretford Road closely reflect current service.

SCAT buses will adhere to all speed limits and use added caution when traveling along Mauna Loa Boulevard and at all times within the neighborhood. We value the safety of Lake Sarasota residents and SCAT passengers.

I appreciate your support and continued discussion. Please contact me with any questions.

Sarah Blanchard, AICP
Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT)
Desk: 941-861-1045


MJ Bartsch said…
Thank goodness the bus route on Mauna Loa is temporary. Our property values would go down the tube if our residential street turned into a bus route.
Thank you for making this point. The community needs to understand all the impacts of any permanent re-routing of even one bus route.
S. R. said…
Why do I see a stop at Suva/Mauna Loa? Is this an additional stop?
We'll have to ask about that and get back to you.
We have received a quick response from SCAT:

"Thank you for bringing this question to my attention.

SCAT is proposing with the detour along Mauna Loa only to use the southbound stop at Bikini and the northbound stop at Brentford. All other bagged SCAT bus stop signs on Mauna Loa would not be used during the detour. We are addressing this proposal with traffic operations sign shop to remove.

There are three stops that are currently in use in the neighborhood in Middlesex Place and Berkshire.SCAT would continue to use these three stops as well.

Please contact me with any questions."

(If I'm not mistaken, they put in the extra signs anticipating more stops, but now have reduced the number of stops. - the eds.)
Further clarification:

"These signs at Suva and others were installed and will be removed. After consideration of neighborhood input and also the impact in the time it takes to run the route during the detour, SCAT determined that it cannot serve these and other stops on Mauna Loa, and can only stop on Mauna Loa southbound at Bikini and northbound at Mauna Loa.

We are working to remove the extraneous stops.

I appreciate your continued patience and assistance on the proposed detour plan."

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