Temporary Lane Shift begins late on Friday, Oct. 17th - UPDATE

UPDATE from the County:

Bee Ridge Road Improvements - Temporary Lane Shift Postponed:
The contractor has postponed the temporary lane shift to Friday evening, October 17. Both the east and west bound traffic will be shifted slightly to the south from Mauna Loa Boulevard to Hidden Glen Drive. There will be signs posted directing traffic through the new pattern.

You've seen the blinking notices, here's what they mean:


Anonymous said…
Please correct me if I am in error. But I seem to remember reading in these updates that the work was going to commence frim Mauna Loa and progress east. It appears most if not all the energy has shifted to the east. And they're concentrating their efforts there. Also with the new racetrack gas station springing up like a sand spur our sleepy rural life will be no more..... sigh. Progress
Right - I think the initial work is laying or moving utilities, which run along the whole length of the roadway. Once that's done, the actual road building is still supposed to begin at the western end and work eastward.
Anonymous said…
Thanks! Also with a huge trampoline building going in plus other changes to the use or potential use of that area, it is inevitable that north mauna loa will be punched through to fruitville. My guess is that in 5 years we wont even recognize this area!! I remember when going to the "dump" at the "end" of Bee Ridge seemed like you were going to the other coast! So much change. So much growth.
Well the good news is, there isn't much vacant space apart from the acreage across from Lake S. for huge commercial stuff to go in. But we will need to watch the north-south link to Fruitville. We are on record with the county as saying our neighborhood and intersection might need to be protected from using Mauna Loa as a connector. The director of Transportation actually came out, looked at the layout, and agreed with us. Mauna Loa should never be upgraded to a corridor or other "pass through" status.

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