Use your freedom to speak your mind about 2050

Tomorrow, Oct. 22, Sarasota County Commissioners will vote to approve a set of changes to the county's 2050 Comprehensive Plan that will weaken it, allow development to overbuild, ignore wildlife and water issues, and change the face of Sarasota county forever. More Racetracs. More pavement. More burbs, fewer trees, farms, ranches, and native creatures. Would you like East Sarasota to resemble Miami?

Miami, FL
If you don't want that, show up. Wear a white shirt. Use your freedom. 

The hearing will be in the Commission Chambers beginning at 1:30 pm. To speak, sign a card that you'll find in the back of the room. You get 5 minutes.

To learn more about the issues, check out the 2050 Action Network blog here:

A good overview by Sarasota's Cathy Antunes is at the blog's top - it begins:  
On Wednesday the County Commission will be voting on amendments to the Sarasota 2050 plan. The original 2050 standards for rural land outside the Urban Service Boundary (USB) were the result of a robust collaboration with community leaders and development interests. Since 2050 was adopted over ten years ago, understanding of best land use practices has improved dramatically. The 2050 changes fail to incorporate these new insights, nor are they the result of community collaboration. Rather, the changes are the result of County meetings with a handful of landowner/developers focused on facilitating development of their rural land.
Continue reading: "Our quality of life is at risk" - Cathy Antunes


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