For the Record: RaceTrac's Landscaping Denial

The Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee -- a coalition of Bee Ridge communities including Lake Sarasota, Laurel Oaks, Bent Tree, The Hammocks, Misty Creek and several more -- specifically asked the project manager of RaceTrac to beef up the landscaping.

In return, the coalition offered to support their petition for a right-in turn lane from Bee Ridge Road. The coalition has kept its part of the bargain, but when Tom Hardy, project manager for Racetrac, was asked why there was not a single plant more than the minimum required by the County, here's Mr. Hardy's reply in toto:
I have considered your request for the additional trees along Bee Ridge Road. We will not be adding any additional trees. We feel we have a balanced landscape that meets Sarasota County’s requirements. We have provided significant base shrubs and groundcover along the frontage that is well above code. 
As far as the residents of Sarasota Lakes, we look forward to serving them and will embrace our presence in the community. 
We opened today, so I hope you had a chance to grab some Crazy Good Coffee and SwirlWorld yogurt. 
Thanks for all your concern and participation throughout this entire process. I hope you enjoy your RaceTrac. 
Tom Hardy, PLA | Senior Engineering Project Manager
Racetrac Petroleum, Inc. | | 3225 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 100, Atlanta GA 30339


Anonymous said…
Should we be surprised? How many other things did they or are they not adhering to.Sounds pretty typical of development. In 3-5 years, we won't even recognize this quaint little intersection. Major development. Thruway to connect to fruitville. More buildings, houses. Palmer. Iona probably linking to fruitville. You either adapt and go with the flow. Or move. Nothing, No one stands in the way of "progress".
Anonymous said…
Well, it sort of depends on who's minding the store, doesn't it? Of course Racetrac is just interested in our buying their swill and couldn't care less about us as neighbors. But the government that allowed them to go there is truly guilty of criminal negligence. If We were a gated "Laurel Oaks" community, Racetrac wouldn't be there. But we're just middle class Lake Sarasota.
Anonymous said…
Wholeheartedly agree! Born here in 1958. Most things have been good. I remember first houses built in this subdivision. "Modern Builders" I remember cub scout camping at Camp Hamilton. It just saddens me to see the "urban" take over the "rural" its been happening and will continue to happen irregardless of who is minding the store. Preservation gets overturned. Zonings get overturned or changed. Development marches on.

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