Bee Ridge Update for Coming Week


Anonymous said…
Since there are so many improvements going on in our subdivision. Might I suggest that people don't park on lawns or on the side of the road over night. I recently purchased a home in lake Sarasota after renting a home here for 5 years. I think it is an eye sore to the community when multiple cars are always parked in front of a home or on the grass lawns. Plus it is a eye sore to your neighbors when some of those vehicles are parked up on the grass curbs in front of their homes. Could there just be a enforced rule where cars have to be in the homeowners driveway or garage. No overnight street or lawn parking allowed.
Your concern is valid and many will agree. Perhaps come to our meeting on March 12, 7 pm, and bring it up?
Anonymous said…
There is a home on Mauna Loa that has up to 12 cars parked in driveway , in front of house and on lawn on front side of house. I think there is some kind of business being run from house. I often wonder how many people live there and if is a rental.

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