Residents resolve to resurrect Citizens Patrol

Those attending Thursday evening's meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group discussed reports of alleged teenage activity, and considered certain security measures. The Group agreed to monitor the situation.

While there has been considerable discussion on NextDoor of some young people causing problems, no one at the meeting had any concrete knowledge of the allegations. Curiously, a long thread that reported specifics on NextDoor has apparently been deleted with no explanation. And the Sheriff's crime mapping site reflect no recent unusual activity in the area.

The costs of creating a street lighting district make it difficult to gain the 67% support for creating a district in Lake Sarasota. Those curious about the process can download a brochure from the County here. Individuals who feel their homes or streets would benefit from lighting can make arrangements with FPL for lights where needed. The monthly charges are relatively minor, and the lighting is maintained by FPL.

The Citizens Patrol is going to start up if enough volunteers are willing to get aboard. Ted handed over direction of the Patrol to Heidi, and there are several volunteers who have already been trained who say they plan to work with her.

Anyone with knowledge of houses that have suspicious activity -- drugs, squatters, late night parties, etc. -- should report these to the Sheriff, and share locations with the HOA. One resident told of a home that was finally vacated after two and a half months of nuisance and possibly criminal activity from squatters.

Our volunteer HOA has $264.21 in its account, and is registered as a 501 corporation for the current year.

A plan to advertise last saturday's garage sale fell through when insufficient contributions ($2 per participating home) came in to fund a newspaper ad. The group plans to try again in the Fall if folks come through with support for advertising.

Several who attended plan to gather next Thursday, March 19, around 8:30 - 9 am at Hina Point Park to make some repairs. The little park is at the point where Hina and Palau meet. All are welcome to come help for a couple of hours. A small remainder of a County grant might become available to do some additional work on the park.

Bee Ridge Road construction continues - the final road will be one inch higher than the old road - with lights, a median, retention ponds, trees, sidewalks, covered bus stops, landscaping, four roundabouts, etc.

The next regular Lake Sarasota meeting is set for Thursday, June 11, 7 pm at Sarasota Alliance.


Anonymous said…
The "" site is not the sheriff's and does not reflect "dispatch calls" but only cases with criminal activity that have been opened.

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