Meeting with County set - update

Residents of Lake Sarasota have requested a meeting with several County services. The intention is to focus quite tightly on matters of community safety and counteracting bad actors (by which we do not mean Tom Cruise).

The question is how as a neighborhood we can better work with existing resources - the County, Sheriff, Parks and Rec, and more to improve the quality and safety of Lake Sarasota.

County Neighborhood Services, Law Enforcement, and someone from Parks and Rec will be on hand. We wish to discuss a range of options including:

1. Seeking a neighborhood grant to place motion-detecting cameras at strategic locations;

2. Learning the formal procedure for contacting banks and landlords whose property is in disrepair, housing criminal activity, or inhabited by squatters;

3. Reviewing proactive resident measures such as Citizen Patrol;

4. Designing a better and more strategic line of communications with the Sheriff, Code Enforcement, Parks, and other County resources, and 

5. Asking to be considered for street lighting on at least the main thoroughfares of Lake Sarasota.

6. Discussing areas where flooding occurs on roads and intersections in Lake Sarasota.

Corner: Tarawa and Lanai

If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions relevant to community safety, feel free to offer them via 

Thank you.


Chris Ranney said…
Very sorry I could not make this meeting. I do plan on attending the meeting on 9/10 at 7p.m. Look forward to seeing you there. I would be interested in assisting any way I can.

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